Who will be behind the kit when Black Sabbath play their final shows in 2016? Many would assume that Tommy Clufetos, who manned the kit during the band's tour in support of the 13 album and has a long-standing relationship with frontman Ozzy Osbourne would be the most likely to hold down the position. But should the opportunity arise, onetime Black Sabbath and Heaven and Hell drummer Vinny Appice would be open to joining the band as well.

Appice was asked about the possibility while appearing on the One on One With Mitch Lafon podcast, heard in the player above, and he responded that he would be open to the idea if asked, but that he's not actively sought out the opportunity.

"I'm in touch with Tony [Iommi] here and there, with e-mails. I always check on him, how he's doing, and I think about Tony a lot since he was sick," explained Appice. "These are all my friends, and people are getting sick and it's awful. So I keep in touch with Tony. He's got my contact. I don't call up… Everybody goes, 'You should call up and let 'em know [you're interested]…' And it's, like, I never did that. They've always called me when they were wanting me to play with them. So no one's called. I'm not counting on it."

Appice says it's also a bit weird because he was part of a different era of Sabbath, one that didn't include Ozzy Osbourne, and there are those who might find the pairing odd since he was so closely associated with the Ronnie James Dio period for the group and the Heaven and Hell revival.

Ideally though, Appice says he would like to see Sabbath giving himself, Clufetos and estranged drummer Bill Ward all a spin behind the kit at their upcoming shows considering it's the last run for the band. "I would love to play with them. I think what they should do is have everybody play," says Appice. "There's so much history to the band. But I would, of course, love to do it. I would be honored to do it."

Black Sabbath are set to kick off "The End" tour beginning Jan. 20 in Omaha, Neb. at the CenturyLink Centre. They currently have dates booked through September of 2016. See all of their stops at this location.

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