The New York City subway is filled with interesting characters, and this man is undoubtedly one of them. While on a typical train ride, we happened to bump into this gentleman, who proceeded to make everyone on board extremely confused while dancing, singing and belting out death metal-like gutturals.

We pulled out a camera phone immediately when this guy began to get his boogie on while listening to music on his headphones. After busting out some moves and praising the Lord, this man inexplicably started singing about never being a hypocrite. He also encouraged, through song, that everyone study while in school.

Here's where it got really weird: After preaching his bizarre, yet positive messages, this guy just began growling at the top of his lungs. With every "MWWUUURRRRRAHHHHHHHH!!!" passengers on the subway car got increasingly uncomfortable, though we're sure some of them must have been holding back laughter in an act of tremendous discipline.

This weirdness in this video just never regresses, so check it out and watch this dude hold his apparent public audition for a death metal band!

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