Greta Van Fleet guitarist Jake Kiszka has a new band called Mirador, and he sings in it.

Kiszka formed the group with Chris Turpin, who's also of the British musical duo Ida Mae. Mirador started posting teasers on their Instagram page earlier this month, and then announced a tour opening for Greta Van Fleet — thus the guitarist will play two different sets each night.

"We are happy to announce that Mirador Band, a new collective consisting of our very own Jake Kiszka and Chris Turpin, will commence the show on the imminent spring Starcatcher World Tour dates," Greta Van Fleet wrote in a statement on social media.

"We’re honored to watch the advent of this musical journey and hope you, too, enjoy the chorus of Mirador."

"Jake band opening for Jake band is crazy," a fan wrote in a comment on the post.

The band also shared a video playing a song on social media on April 26.

"We carry the water, we carry the flame… tomorrow marks the start of a brave new day," the caption of the post reads.

The tour kicked off on April 27, so while they haven't officially released any studio recordings yet, some fans have uploaded footage of Mirador's performance online. Check out some of the videos below. According to one of the YouTubers, two of their songs are titled "Roving Blade" and "Must I Go Bound."

Mirador (Jake Kiszka's New Band) Live April 27, 2024

Greta Van Fleet Fans React to Mirador

Greta Van Fleet fans, for the most part, seem to be very excited about the news that Kiszka is expanding his musical resume.

"I love that Jake pushes himself to discover more about his abilities as a musician and as a human being, risking in order to learn. What a human being. Inspirational," someone wrote in the comments of the YouTube video.

"Wow! Jake’s voice is incredible, and Chris and Jake harmonize incredibly well together. I love this!" wrote another.

One fan compared Kiszka's voice to Jay Buchanan of Rival Sons and Paul Rodgers of Bad Company and Free.

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"What the FUCK ever Jake Kiszka literally fuck off why is fortunes fate my new favorite song," an individual wrote on X (formerly Twitter) with a video clip of another song, apparently titled "Fortunes Fate."

Mirador Launched an Official Website

The duo has an official website, however there isn't much information on it just yet. As of now, there is a home page, which features an image of Kiszka and Turpin, as well as a tab for their tour dates.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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