Eluveitie are on their way back with fresh music and a new look. The band's latest effort, Evocation II – Pantheon, will arrive Aug. 18 via Nuclear Blast Records. The upcoming album will be a sequel to the band’s 2009 acoustic release, Evocation 1 -- The Arcane Dominion. The album’s first single, “Epona,” is available for digital download now.

This disc is the first to be released by the band since undergoing major changes in their lineup. Having previously lost three band members, they have not only replaced the three that they lost, but added another three new members to round it out. This latest change in the band’s lineup brings the total to nine band members in the group.

Chrigel Glanzmann said the new album is a “journey back to the source of it all -- Antumnos, the otherworld." He adds, "The album cover expresses nothing less but exactly this! It's full of symbolism and meaning and depicts things of deepest meaning and importance in Celtic mythology. The depiction shows the god Lugus, who was sometimes also addressed in the plural — Lugoves — since he's a triune god, as well as a tricephalos."

He continues, "The 'one with the skillful hand' and 'artisan of all skills' is depicted and a combination of two important symbols: On the one hand he's shown as 'high king' (and druid of druids), a typical gallic symbolism of an essential meaning and significance. On the other hand, he's framed by the gallic 'lord of the animals/lord of life' symbolism --
the character surrounded with diverse animals, but being strongly connected with all of them at the same time. So after all, the album cover vibrantly and mystically expresses the content of 'Evocation II'! Join and let the journey begin!" Check out the album cover for the disc below and look into pre-orders at this location.

The new lineup of Eluvietie made its live debut at the Eluveitie & Friends festival in January at Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland. Check out the band's tour schedule here.

Eluveitie, Evocation II - Pantheon Album Artwork

Nuclear Blast
Nuclear Blast

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