Back in May, Swiss folk metal stalwarts Eluveitie experienced a drastic shakeup as three of their members announced their departure. With musical differences dividing the camp, Merlin Sutter (drums), Anna Murphy (vocals, hurdy-gurdy) and Ivo Henzi (guitar, bass) have already hit the reset button, reuniting under the new moniker Cellar Darling with a pair of new songs, "Challenge" (video above) and "Fire, Wind and Earth" (video below), already released.

The song above teeters on pop-like moments with emphatic hooks and concise structure and Eluveitie fans may find "Fire, Wind and Earth" a bit closer to the members' alma mater with darker overtones courtesy of Murphy's emotive hurdy-gurdy leads. Both are a departure from Eluveitie's higher-energy brand of Celtic adoration, perhaps alluding to the musical differences that culminated in the split.

"‘Challenge’ is about an inner struggle, a battle you are fighting against yourself and the world. It is you, screaming at yourself in the mirror and getting high on new-found strength. It is failing, overcoming and achieving. The bipolar dance that is life," said Cellar Darling about the powerful new tune, adding, "We have fallen. We have screamed. We have battled. We found strength. We will overcome."

Since the trio left Eluveitie, the vacancies have been filled with live members, five of which are now a part of the group that already boasts five permanent members as it is.

Cellar Darling, "Fire, Wind and Earth"

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