Emmure have seen their star rise in recent years and the band is looking to make a big jump this year with their new release, 'Eternal Enemies.' The group is returning to the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Tour this summer and Loudwire had a few minutes to chat with frontman Frankie Palmeri on the recent Revolver Golden Gods Black Carpet about their upcoming touring, the new album and more. Check out our chat below.

Hey Frankie, how are you doing?


So let's start off, you've got a new album 'Eternal Enemies.' Take me into the process and how it came about.

How the album came about, well, it was basically a lot of blood, sweat and tears and every cliché thing that people say. There was just a lot of passion that went into the project and we're really excited about the release. So far our fans are really excited too. We'll be on tour supporting it all year. I'm just really happy about it.

And you mentioned touring this year. Another big run this summer, right?

Well, yeah, we'll be on Mayhem tour this summer and this'll be our second time doing Mayhem, which is quite a feat for any band, so that and just supporting the new album. If you haven't heard it, just check it out. What can I say?

And with Mayhem, you mentioned playing it before. What did you learn from the first go around that will help you this time around?

I learned that the power of music is strong and that the people that come out in masses is the reason why we do this. The people who put the tour together is really the story and the fans make it and we're happy to be back there again this year.

And the fans are a big part of it for you. Can you talk about what the support of the fans has meant to your band in growing Emmure over the years?

Our fans are everything. They're our life force. I know a lot of bands probably say this, but it's true. If we didn't have the fans there to support us, we wouldn't do this anymore. We wouldn't care. The reason we do this is for them and to make albums and they mean everything to us.

Our thanks for Emmure's Frankie Palmeri for the chat. You can pick up the band's 'Eternal Enemies' album at iTunes or Amazon.