Alpha Wolf and Emmure just concluded a tour together, but it looks as though there's some lingering beef from the run. Emmure singer Frankie Palmeri appears to be at the center of it, shading one of his fellow touring bands in a post-tour message that led to an interesting exchange.

Not long after the run concluded, Palmeri posted "This is the tour .... Emmure X Unity TX X Chamber," while noticeable failing to mention headliners Alpha Wolf.

That post was soon followed by a reply from Alpha Wolf bassist John Arnold who quote tweeted Palmeri's post while offering, "Shout out to our support bands."

Palmeri then used the follow-up to offer a more direct shot, stating, "Thank you! We had a blast ... out selling you .... out playing you ... just over all crusing it. Sorry half the crowd left last night. Always next time!"

A little later Alpha Wolf offered yet another post-tour wrap-up post that stated, "That concludes the Half Living Things - North American tour. We owe the biggest thank you to Emmure, Unity TX and Chamber for being such incredible bands to tour with. We're leaving the USA with our hearts full and we cannot wait to return."

While that would seem like a nice classy way to wrap it up, the group photo featured members of all the bands, but Palmeri was missing in person. But, as Lambgoat pointed out, the group photo did actually feature Palmeri as he appears on the cell phone being held up in the shot.

A History of Frankie Palmeri Beefs

This would not be the first time that Palmeri has clashed with others. In 2015, every member of Emmure quit, leaving the singer to carry on with a new group of musicians under the Emmure banner.

In 2018 Palmeri hopped on a track with electronic metal act Ev0lution that served as a response to Attila's Chris Fronzak's public diss of Emmure in "Callout 2." After some back and forth, Palmeri and Fronzak squashed their Twitter beef.

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The Emmure frontman also took some heat from former band member Ben Lionetti back in 2014 .The former guitarist was upset over the band's creative direction under Palmeri, giving the singer a tongue-lashing in the process.

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