As May turns to June, there's a lot of school kids ready to blow off some steam this summer, and Eve to Adam have just the right song to do it to.

The group has recorded a fresh take on the Alice Cooper classic, 'School's Out,' and will add it to the next pressing of their 'Banquet for a Starving Dog' album. The timing is right as 'School's Out' always gets plenty of extra play this time of year, and Eve to Adam's version is a solid follow-up to their recent Top 20 success with the single 'Reach.'

The band stray a little bit from the original, with a ticking clock, what sounds like a toy piano, and the 'Taps'-like drumming of Alex Sassaris kicking off the song before the school bell rings, signifying that it's time to rock out. And rock out they do.

Singer Taki Sassaris has a little more grit in voice than Alice Cooper, which makes the song differentiate enough from the original to make it an interesting listen. And while it would be hard for anyone to match the menace that Cooper had when the chorus kicked in, Sassaris holds up well.

The song benefits from several wailing guitar licks from Guarav Bali and Alex Sassaris really drives the song home with his drum pacing. The only thing missing is Cooper himself.

Taki agrees, stating, "There's nothing better than Alice Cooper and the summer season! My one wish if I could throw it out there is to have Alice in the 'School's Out' music video. Hey Alice - what do you say?!"

Listen to Eve to Adam's 'School's Out'