Halloween is in season, and if you aren't watching any of the 'Evil Dead' films to get in the mood, you're wasting precious time. With a minuscule budget, legendary filmmaker Sam Raimi, who directed the insanely successful 'Spiderman' movies, began his feature-length film career with 'The Evil Dead.' When it comes to cult classic horror films, 'The Evil Dead' reigns supreme, dwelling deep within the hearts of fanatical devotees. 'Evil Dead II,' considered as the crown jewel of the trilogy, integrated comedic nuances into the horror genre and created an unparalleled masterpiece. 'Army of Darkness' completed the trilogy, pumping up the comedy as the film's main focus, Bruce Campbell goes back into medieval times to annihilate the Deadites.

The same year 'Evil Dead II' was released, the band Evildead formed. Beginning in 1987, Evildead began a career of thrash metal that lasted on-and-off until Oct. 17, 2012. Evildead recorded two full-length albums, two EPs and one live album during the band's career. The band went through long periods of inactivity along with two breakups after various lineup changes and difficulties writing a follow-up album to their 1991 full-length, 'The Underworld.'

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