We recently reported about former Danzig / Hellyeah / Nothingface bassist Jerry Montano filing a restraining order against alleged stalker Priscilla Caputo. According to TMZ, Mantano's temporary restraining order was extended into a three-year term of protection from Caputo.

The creepy courtship began in December of last year when Caputo apparently spent the night at the bassist's home after exchanging messages on Facebook beforehand. After a second visit from Caputo, Montano attempted to cut ties with her completely. This ultimately led to Caputo kicking in the door of the musician's bedroom and trashing the place.

After Montano put a temporary 100-yard restraining order on the scorned female, a Los Angeles judge extended the protection by three years. Not only does Caputo now have to keep at a football field's distance, she is legally forbidden to contact Montano via Facebook, as well.

Strangely enough, the aspiring model also filed a restraining order against Montano after claiming that he assaulted her. So here's the kicker - a judge granted her claim as well in an act of complete redundancy. Now, not only does Caputo have to keep away from Montano, but Montano has to keep away from Caputo. How's that for a head-scratcher?

In our earlier article about the situation, Priscilla Caputo herself apparently left a slew of responses in the comments section. In the posts, Caputo makes some very serious claims against Mantano. Read the comments here.