Ronnie Radke, what have you done?! The Falling in Reverse frontman just flipped the script on a rock classic, turning Papa Roach's "Last Resort" into an emotional powderkeg of a piano ballad, and social media is buzzing about it.

"Thank you to Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix for the blessing to do this," stated Radke on Twitter while sharing the video for his cover of the song, which finds the frontman turning the track into a plaintive, introspective ballad that really accentuates Shaddix's original lyrics in a new presentation.

"I wanted to reimagine one of the biggest rock songs of the last 20 years, because lyrically, it is so powerful and resonates," the singer added in a statement. "I got the blessing from [singer] Jacoby [Shaddix] and I think that Papa Roach are one of the nicest, humble, and most down to earth bands to date and it inspires me to keep going, since they have been so successful for so many years. This is me paying homage in the best way I know how."

The song comes with a video that perfectly captures the mood as Radke, dressed in black, takes turns appearing amidst the ruins of a crumbling building and sitting behind the piano keys performing as the rubble comes down around him. Have a listen below and check out the Jensen Noen-directed video. You can pick up the song here.

Falling in Reverse, "Last Resort" (Reimagined)

This is one of the cases where a song has drawn almost universal praise on social media. The commentary on Radke's take on the Papa Roach classic shows the early reverence in which fans are taking this new version.

"The vocals are literally magical," noted one follower on Twitter, while another noted, "This was a whole experience and it was amazing."

"Oh my holy God. This is incredible. It transports me to another world. Really, without words," remarked one fan. "Forgot how well this man can actually sing. this guy is gifted with one hell of a vocal range, i cant wait to see you in concert man," added another, taking note beyond the unique arrangement to praise Radke's vocals on the track.

Check out a sampling of the social media reviews below:

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As that last fan noted, we'll soon find out if Radke is including his reimagining of Papa Roach's "Last Resort" into Falling in Reverse shows. They're currently out on tour, playing in Charleston, West Virginia tonight (June 26). Be sure to catch them live and get your tickets here.

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