Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke is continuing to come to the aid of fans, doling out money to assist six more fans over this past week.

You may recall just last month Radke's generosity led one fan to provide an emotional response that brought the singer to tears. That giving spirit has continued over the past week.

Where Ronnie Radke's Recent Generosity Started

As previously reported, Radke was in the midst of a heated exchange with another individual on X when he bragged about being "rich as shit" in a response. That's when another follower on X chimed in on the discussion and asked, "Seeing how your rich as shit, can you please help me with my credit card bill. Like half, not even all of it. Please."

Revealing that his bill was $7,000, Radke offered to give him $2,000 "right now." Following the exchange, the fan named Brandon Brown shot a video to sum up their interaction.

"Was very up and down with sharing this, because of how emotional I am. But Ronnie Radke thank you so much. When I made the comment, I never thought he would see it or even respond."

He continued, "This means everything to me. And for you to just pick some random strange off of Twitter, thanks again. I met you twice, once with Escape the Fate and once with Falling in Reverse, and you've always been awesome. So thank you again, and I appreciate it."

Radke responded, "Brother this made me tear up. Thank you for sharing."

Ronnie Radke Helps Fan's Father With Medical Expenses

With Radke's generosity, more requests from fans followed. The singer even encouraged it with a tweet in which he commented, "Who needs help?"

While not every request was met, the Falling in Reverse vocalist has touched many with the actions towards those he has helped out over the past week.

One follower named Scott Beckman responded to Radke's comment about needing help, explaining, "I do. dad has Stage 4 small cell lung cancer and he has a go fund me that's not doing well."

The GoFundMe notes that Beckman's father Corey was diagnosed with advance lung cancer that spread to his stomach about two months ago and that he has elected to try chemotherapy which could extend his life.

Radke responded, "Just donated 500 everyone go donate," in a tweet back. Radke is the current Top Donor on the campaign.

As one fan noted on the thread, "You did more than just donate $500, you likely gave the family hope; a reason to smile. I’ve always loved your music and your humor, but I appreciate you so much man. You’re my hero."

Who Else Did Ronnie Radke Help?

Another fan noted some financial issues in being able to get to a Falling in Reverse show. The person told Radke while sharing their dire financial state, "Current situation, but regardless I'm still gonna find a way to drive 4 hours away to KC tomorrow night for your concert."

After a PayPal info exchange was made, Radke sent the fan $300 in a tweet that was made private.

The fan responded, "This guy! Now I gotta decide if I’m gonna wear a shirt to the concert that says, 'Ronnie paid my gas' Fuckin boss level!

Elsewhere, another fan noted spending almost $400 on tickets to see a Falling in Reverse show only to have their car break down the next day. They then asked for help, with Ronnie responding, "I will help you."

Another fan that was a designer shared with Radke a poster design they had made.

The singer responded, "I’ll buy your design and put it on poster and 100% of proceeds go to charity of your choice."

Radke also chipped in for a couple of fans to help pay for some items they wanted to purchase as well. In responses made private, Radke confirmed payment sent to help ship a fan a PS5, and he revealed to the other fan that his misunderstanding of what they were asking for meant that they now had two items coming.

How Fans Have Responded to Ronnie Radke's Generosity

The responses were overwhelmingly positive concerning Radke's efforts to help others. "These are the most wholesome posts I've seen! Love you, Ronnie! Thank you for being so amazing to your fans," noted one fan. "You A Real One, Thank You For being this kind of person," added another.

And one fan humorously made note of Radke's sometimes divisive reputation, telling the singer, "Ronnie, you sure are a nice guy for being such a supposed menace."

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Where You Can See Falling in Reverse

Falling in Reverse will be in Kansas City tonight (Feb. 2) with one of the fans Radke just helped with gas money expected to be in attendance. Dates on their current tour leg are booked through March 3 in Las Vegas.

The band has also signed on for the Welcome to Rockville and Sonic Temple festivals in May.

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