Dave Grohl, one of modern rock's most successful multi-instrumentalists, is celebrating his 43rd birthday today (Jan 14). To show our thanks to Grohl for continuing to bring the rock, we've compiled five videos featuring Dave Grohl from five of the bands he's helped bring to the world's attention. Whether behind a drum kit, a guitar or a microphone, Grohl has flaunted his artistic prowess for nearly 25 years. So, with that in mind, Loudwire presents Five Awesome Dave Grohl Live Videos:

  • Scream - Dave Grohl Drum Solo on 'Chokeword'

    Dave Grohl first began to gain recognition from his drumming skills while a member of the Virginia-based hardcore punk band, Scream. Grohl joined the band in 1986 after Scream's former drummer Kent Stax left for personal reasons. It was during a tour in 1990 that Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne took his friends Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic of Nirvana to see Scream. After impressing Cobain and Novoselic with his playing, Grohl was invited to join Nirvana after Scream broke up later in the year.

  • Nirvana - 'Drain You' on MTV's 'Live and Loud'

    Shortly after joining Nirvana, the band recorded 'Nevermind,' the album that kicked the world of rock in the face and forced it to rethink itself. 'Drain You' was a fan favorite from 'Nevermind,' featuring Grohl on haunting backup vocals and drums for the song's trademark experimental bridge. Here is a clip of Nirvana performing 'Drain You' in 1993 for MTV's 'Live and Loud.'

  • Foo Fighters - David Letterman Requests 'Everlong' After Heart Surgery

    In January 2000, David Letterman began the new millennium with quintuple bypass heart surgery. After being given a clean bill of health, Letterman returned to the 'Late Show' with the request that his favorite band Foo Fighters, play his favorite song 'Everlong.' The band happily accepted Letterman's invitation in this powerful performance.

  • Probot - 'Shake Your Blood'

    Dave Grohl ventured into metal territory with his 2004 solo project, Probot. Grohl collaborated with various metal legends for Probot including King Diamond, Soulfly's Max Cavalera and Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister. 'Shake Your Blood' was sung by the Motorhead frontman, who also played bass on the track. The video for the song was made with the help of 66 different women from the popular alternative adult modeling website, Suicide Girls.

  • Queens of the Stone Age - 'No One Knows' Live

    Queens of the Stone Age broke out into the mainstream rock world with the 2002 album, 'Songs for the Deaf.' Dave Grohl lent his drumming abilities on the record, most notably on the monster hits 'Go With the Flow' and 'No One Knows.' Shot in Werchter, Belgium, Grohl gives it his all in this outdoor festival performance of 'No One Knows.'

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