Judas Priest's "Painkiller" is one of the most lethal doses of molten heavy metal in existence. Renowned for its relenting energy, blazing solo duels, serpentine structure and devastating power of a shrieking Rob Halford, covering the song almost feels off limits — almost. Here, the song is presented in with a new sound, played entirely on a flamenco guitar.

The song's opening drum fill is iconic and it isn't lost in this cover as YouTuber Ben Woods rapidly brushes his fingers downward, replicating the frenetic drum intro surprisingly well. From there, that huge guitar slide stays intact, sending "Painkiller" on its way. Woods manages to play the signature riffs while picking the vocal melody, making this an all-encompassing cover.

Falling 90 seconds shy of the original, a sizable chunk of the solo battles were omitted, but the move is understandable. Not all the flashy fretwork is lost though as we're treated to some quick sweeps on the flamenco and that's impressive enough for us.

"Painkiller" is always a favorite live, but Priest fans will have to wait until the band gets back on the road in 2018 for a chance to hear this heavy metal hymn the way it was intended. The Metal Gods have dedicated this year to focusing on the follow-up to 2015's Redeemer of Souls and have enlisted classic producer Tom Allom with Andy Sneap and Mike Exeter rounding out the production team.

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