While Guns N' Roses have enjoyed a successful reunion with Slash and Duff McKagan returning to the fold this year, one longtime member of Guns N' Roses not involved with the reunion is coming after Axl Rose for unpaid debts.

According to TMZ, Chris Pitman, who joined the group in 1998 and remained until earlier this year, has filed a lawsuit against Axl Rose over an unpaid debt for services he provided to the group. During his time with the band, Pitman served as a second keyboardist, second bassist, provided backing vocals and added some percussion and programming during the band's shows. He also did some co-writing with the band over the years.

According to Pitman, he claims that Rose wrote him a promissory note for $125,000 that he was owed for over a year's worth of work. In the suit, Pitman claims that Rose was supposed to pay up by October 2012, but has failed to do so. Pitman reveals that Rose owes him more than $163,000 now due to interest.

Shortly after it was revealed that Rose would be playing with Slash and Duff McKagan, rumors surfaced via social media that some members of the most recent GN'R lineup, including Pitman, would be involved. However, in March of this year, Pitman made headlines calling the reunion "a money grab" and a "nostalgia tour." He later apologized for those remarks, but in April stated that the "oldies" reunion was "boring." Pitman was not a part of those shows, with Melissa Reese filling some of the duties he performed with the group.

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