Welsh post-hardcore band Funeral for a Friend have just parted ways with longtime drummer Ryan Richards. After a decade of bashing the skins and providing screams for the band, Richards chose to leave Funeral for a Friend to concentrate on his family life.

In a long and heartfelt statement issued on the band's official Facebook page, Richards explains his reasons for leaving, which he regards as a "tough decision." Richards also took the opportunity to extend his support to Funeral for a Friend's new drummer, Pat Lundy from British metalcore act Rise to Remain.

Read Richards' full statement below:

Hey everyone

After ten wonderful, enriching, emotional and fascinating years being a part of Funeral for a Friend - I've decided to hang up my drum sticks (or at least put them in a box, which is probably more practical).

As the old romantic cliche' goes - 'it's not you, it's me'. Being in this band has made each and every one of my dreams come true (bleeeurgh..I know) and I thank all of you for being part of that.

I've come to the age of 32, which I've always considered the age at which most footballers become rubbish, so it felt like a good age to bow out.

I've always put music first in my life - but the time has come now for my family to take the top spot, after patiently waiting and supporting me for the last 10 years and more.

Although this has been a really tough decision, it's been made infinitely easier through the support and understanding of Matt, Kris, Gav & Rich - who I wish all the success their talents and hard work deserve.

I'm also stoked to have my good friend Pat Lundy step into my vacant drumstool and to take things to the next level.There's not a better drummer than Pat for the job, and I hope you make him feel as welcome as you made me for the last 10 years.

I'm leaving the band, but I'm glad to say that I'm still living and breathing music full-time as an artist manager, alongside some of the great people who have been instrumental in the career of FFAF from day one.

So yeah..that's it from me.Thanks for listening - not just today, but for the last 10 years.

The split seems to have been an amicable one, as Funeral for a Friend posted a short but kind message regarding Richards' bowing out.

Hey everyone, so by now you would have heard the news that Ryan has decided to leave the band. He's a rad dude and we wish him all the best for the future.

Funeral for a Friend released their most recent album, 'Welcome Home Armageddon' in 2011 and are planning to unleash a sixth, yet-untitled album, which is expected to hit fans this fall.