Gary Holt's wife Lisa Holt has taken to social media to share a message for fans who are upset about the news of Slayer's reunion, telling them not to go if they don't support it.

The entire metal community was taken completely by surprise yesterday afternoon (Feb. 21) when Riot Fest and Louder Than Life announced that Slayer will be headlining both events this September. The thrash legends played what was considered their final show in November of 2019, concluding their nearly two-year farewell tour.

Thus, these performances will be Slayer's first in almost five years. And as with many bands who reunite after embarking on alleged final tours, some fans haven't taken the news well, citing the amount of money they spent on tickets for the last shows because they thought they'd never get to see them again.

"Like the KISS & Motley Crue 'farewell tours,' it's BS Slayer got back together imo. It's not fair to fans to announce a 'farewell tour' & charge a large amount for tickets cuz we're told no more shows will happen only for the band to reunite & do more shows a few years later," one person wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Others have denounced the reunion and criticized the lineup, which consists of Tom Araya, Kerry King, Paul Bostaph and Holt.

This is the same lineup the band had throughout the years leading up to their final tour, but people have stated that "it's not Slayer without" Dave Lombardo or Jeff Hanneman, who died in 2013.

Of course, many other fans are ecstatic about the news, and you can see some other reactions at this location.

But, Lisa Holt took to Facebook yesterday to share a message for those who had negative responses to the reunion. Her post reads:

Yes, it's true.. and an exciting adventure for the band and fans! To all the people saying "they are liars," "they must have ran out of money," "it's not Slayer without so and so," .. I have an idea for you all... DON'T GO.. and for all the people who did go to the final tour dates and enjoyed it... awesome! This isn't a "TOUR" it's some dates.. and GREAT NEWS! And everyone that thinks they know all the inside info.. you can't possibly know. So just enjoy the fact that this amazing band will play some amazing shows this year... go or don't.. nobody cares!

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As noted in Lisa's post, these festivals are the only two shows Slayer have announced thus far, so it's unclear whether they plan to ever go on a formal tour again. We'll have to wait and see.

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