We’ve got some good news to relay courtesy of drumming colossus Gene Hoglan. Galaktikon II, from Metalocalypse supergenius Brendon Small, is finished and currently in the mixing process! As for its questionable release, Hoglan believes the record will “absolutely” see the light of day.

Since the Galaktikon album will feature the same musicians (Brendon Small, Bryan Beller and Gene Hogan) who recorded Dethklok’s material, there are potential legal issues to get around before simply releasing Galaktikon II. However, Hogan remains optimistic when it comes to the new album.

“Oh, absolutely,” Gene said about Galaktikon II becoming available for fans. “We’re doing the mix right now. I was listening to the mixes on the way up here [NAMM 2017] from San Diego. We’re all firing out our ideas and we’re mixing it right now.”

“It’s bad as f—k, man,” Hoglan emphatically said. “It’s awesome, it’s killer. All I can really say is if you appreciate Dethklok, you’re gonna really dig this this record. It has so many elements of Dethklok, it has so many elements of the first Galaktikon and it actually has quite a bit of the Klok Opera that we did. It’s a fantastic amalgamation of all three.”

As for legal issues with Adult Swim, Gene was unsure about any roadblocks. “I’m not really sure what Brendon can say legally about it, but he has told me, ‘Gene, I can’t really tell you what to say,’ so I’m like, ‘If you like Dethklok, check this thing out because you’re gonna dig it.”

Stay tuned for more updates on Galaktikon II as news breaks. Also, be sure to pick up Gene Hogan’s new drumming DVD, The Atomic Clock: The Clock Strikes Two, on Feb. 3!

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