Metalocalypse co-creator Brendon Small's studio has been robbed and is asking everyone to keep an eye out for 12 guitars that were stolen. Here are the guitars that were sadly stolen from the Dethklok and Galaktikon musician's studio.

We can't imagine the pain of having some of your most prized possessions stolen knowing that they may not ever be returned and most definitely can't be replaced. On Aug. 5 Small tweeted, "LOS ANGELES...My studio was robbed. Guitars stolen...Keep an eye out for: Les Paul Goldtop 57 reissue, Ibanez JS24 Orange, Ibanez Jem Universe, MOOG guitar black, Gibson Thunderhose prototype, Gibson SG tobacco burst 12 string, Gibson SG Standard black, Gibson Les Paul 59 Tobacco burst reissue, Gibson Buckethead Studio Les Paul, Kramer 1984, unfinished Warmoth strat (maple top), Fender 54 Custom shop strat reissue."

Hopefully, Small's 12 guitars will be located and returned to him. His collection is worth thousands of dollars and some comments on his Twitter include, "Hope they will come back to you" and "Holy f...These are priceless treasures! So sorry that it happened to you" while another Twitter user tagged the CIA, LAPD and the NSA. Even though we're sure Small is feeling some major pain, Dethklok still performed last night at the Adult Swim Festival Block Party at The Fillmore Philly.

Unfortunately legendary guitarist Buckethead is dealing with the same issue. Just a few weeks ago he revealed that "ten of the most important guitars" of his life had been stolen on his official website.

Buckethead knows he'll never be able to replace the guitars but is now looking for instruments that come close. (Two Studio Gibson Les Pauls, to be exact.)

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