This week’s ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ guest is drumming legend Gene Hoglan. Watch thrash metal’s otherworldly Atomic Clock prove and disprove what’s written about him online in this exclusive segment!

You may know Hoglan as the percussionist for Testament, Dethklok, Death, Strapping Young Lad, Dark Angel and a ton of other bands, but Gene’s family calls him Eugene Victor Hoglan II. But wait… why is he Gene II instead of Gene Jr.? Hoglan explains in this fresh clip.

Gene actually watched the Kerry King episodes of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ and was anxious to clear up something the Slayer shredder credited as false. Contrary to what King remembers, Hoglan recalls being Slayer’s light engineer and roadie back in the band’s early years and never taking any photos of the thrashers. Perhaps Kerry got Gene confused with The Atomic Clock’s sister? That’s what Hoglan thinks!

The funniest tale from this Wiki episode comes from the band Zimmer’s Hole, which was lovingly named after Dean Zimmer, a late friend of the band who loved chasing people with his buttcheeks spread during parties. Hoglan confirms this entry, adding that Zimmer chose who he chased with his sphincter extremely carefully.

Check out the Gene Hoglan episode of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ above! Hoglan's The Atomic Clock: The Clock Strikes Two drumming DVD will be released Feb. 3 and can be pre-ordered here while Canadian pre-orders can be placed at this location.

Dethklok - Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?

Slayer's Kerry King - Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? (Part 1)

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