In June, Dethklok announced their first show in five years when they were revealed as headliners for this fall's Adult Swim Festival. But the death metal band that appeared in Adult Swim's animated series Metapocalypse on the Cartoon Network — and became an in-the-flesh act spearheaded by show co-creator Brendon Small — may have a future beyond that appearance, if drummer Gene Hoglan's recent musings are any indication.

Hoglan joined Small and bassist Bryan Beller as studio members of Deathklok for their two most recent albums, 2012's Dethalbum III and the preceding Dethalbum II. (He's also handled the kit for Dark Angel, TestamentFear Factory and more.) This month, in light of 2019's comeback, the percussionist hinted to Everblack Media that Dethklok "never say never" to other proposed activity. Still, he hedged his bets in deference to Small. Listen to Hoglan's podcast appearance down toward the bottom of this post.

Asked if there's a plan for Dethklok following the band's festival slot aside Jamie xx, Vince Staples, Young Thug and others at Banc of California Stadium this November, the drummer explained the upcoming event's significance in getting the band back together. At the same time, he wasn't able to effuse any concrete details.

"It's a question that's better suited for [Dethklok leader] Brendon [Small]," Hoglan answered, as transcribed by Blabbermouth. "However, we never say never. For instance, Dethklok has a show booked in November up in Los Angeles. It's a comedy festival, or music festival, that Adult Swim, the network, is putting on. And the simplest summation that I can come up with for the reason that we're playing the show is Adult Swim is extending an olive branch, it kind of seems like, to the band for the future. We'll see what that future might entail."

While the drummer wasn't able to confirm Dethklok's post-fest outlook, all signs seemingly point to further movement from the group. For his part, Hoglan seemed enthusiastic about the possibility.

"You just never know about the future," he added. "I wish I knew more about it. But I've got a real positive feeling about some things. And that's about the most I can say about it. But I know Brendon could elaborate. I always feel good about Dethklok's future. I'm always the one holding out the hope."

Last year, Hoglan sat in for Anthrax's Charlie Benante during a few Slayer-supporting sets. In April, Hoglan and Small joined System of a Down's Serj Tankian in covering Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla."

Following Metalocalypse's cancellation, Small released two solo albums, Galaktikon and Galaktikon II: Become The Storm. Around that time, he spoke of his ambition for the project to top Dethklok's onstage feats.

Dethklok's Gene Hoglan Talks to the Everblack Podcast

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