Metalocalypse creator and voice actor Brendon Small stopped by our studio for Episode 7 of the Loudwire Podcast! In this Podcast Preview, Small describes his unsuccessful pursuit to give Dethklok their final chapter on Adult Swim.

To fans, airing a final Metalocalypse epic seems like a no-brainer, but Adult Swim isn’t biting. After the network declined to finance the animated death metal legends’ last story, Small actually found backers to commit $2 million to the project. Even with Adult Swim assuming zero financial responsibility, they still gave Brendon Small a definitive “no.”

“There was no debate, there wasn’t even a returned phone call. It was a hard ‘no,’” Small says. “It was about as hard of a ‘no’ as you could possibly get … It’s basically like a crappy relationship at the end where we should probably break up, but they kept on dangling the idea of doing this thing in front of me and then dangling other TV show ideas and stuff like that.”

Though Small feels incredibly lucky and grateful to have had such a phenomenal run on Adult Swim, he’s still puzzled about why Dethklok’s final chapter never got the green light. “What I think really happened was [‘Metalocalypse Now’ campaigners] drove Adult Swim insane. I think Adult Swim, for some reason, took it very personally. The truth was that people were saying, ‘Hey, what the hell? Where’s our show? We’re here for this show, can you give it to us? We’re gonna watch it like crazy,’ and [Adult Swim] said no. I think somebody’s thin-skinned and somebody got their feelings hurt.”

Listen to the full Podcast Preview above! The full Loudwire Podcast featuring Brendon Small + Devin Townsend will hit YouTube and iTunes on Nov. 3!

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