It's always interesting hearing opinions on the current state of rock and metal from the veterans of the genres. Former Queensryche singer Geoff Tate isn't exactly a fan of where metal stands these days, saying the genre is "watered down" now. In a recent interview with Australia's Heavy podcast, Tate cites how much popularity the music has garnered in the years since his career started, and how younger generations of musicians treat it more like a brand than an art.

"When I first started back in the early, early 80s - '81, '82 - metal, especially, was really the revolutionary music at the time. It was really extreme compared to what was popular, what was playing on the radio and that kind of thing," the singer reflects. "But in time it got to be very popular, accepted, genrefied to the point where it's almost ridiculous now the type of subgenres there are to describe it. So it's gone from being an outcast, revolutionary, dangerous sort of music to completely accepted and watered down, and sort of genrefied to the point where it's now a lifestyle choice."

Tate explains how the term "rock star" used to be an insult to musicians because it meant they were posers. "But now, 'rock star' is completely changed, the term. The younger generations are completely into the exploitation of the 'brand' that they've created now, which my generation found completely distasteful," he says. "Bands have bobbleheads and are merchandising their name on every thing possible from make-up to tennis shoes to sporting wear, you name it. It's on everything, and it's a completely different mindset." Listen to the audio with the link below.

Tate is gearing up to release a new solo album with Sweet Oblivion, out June 14 on Frontiers Music Srl.

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