As you might expect with a trek dubbed "The Ultimate Tour Named Death," eventually it will come to rest. So those of you Ghost fans who need to get their live fix should do so soon, especially after what leader Tobias Forge just revealed.

Speaking with Quincy, Illinois' Herald-Whig, Forge offered, "There will be very little touring. To be specific, it's going to be absolutely zero touring in 2020. We have one show in February, and that's going be in a country that's to the south of the U.S., and that will be it. That's the only show we're doing, and that's going to be the wrap-up of this tour cycle."

Forge will be otherwise occupied with the band's next album, one that he previously teased he would dive into fully starting in January. "The year is going to be spent making a new record, a new record that will come out in 2021, the beginning of 2021, and then we're looking at 18 months of touring again," said Forge. "Next year is going to be, at least from a touring point of view, off. But there's going to be a lot of other things happening, so be sure that you're going to see plenty from Ghost next year."

Forge recently stated that he has "maybe 50 ideas" for the next album, but so far only has a demo of one track, preferring to wait until January to dig in.

"At the end of the day, I want to write a record that is filled with good songs that will fit very well into our other pile of songs that we have for an album's worth of material," Forge recently told Full Metal Jackie, adding, "I want make a record that is a little more according to what the four albums I've already done."

For those interested in catching Ghost before the studio comes calling, North American dates are booked through Oct. 26 in Glens Falls, New York. A European tour will follow from mid-November through mid-December. Stay up to date with all of the stops here and look into ticketing here.

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