Ghost's new album, Prequelle, is a dance-friendly record; a few songs, "Dance Macabre" especially, practically beg you to hit the dance floor. That seems to be what the band is shooting for; they have just shared a remix of the single by French synthwave artist Carpenter Brut.

There's a connection between the two groups as they toured together in 2016 and here, Carpenter Brut marries heavy '80s synth sensibilities and funky bass lines with the existing toe-tapping flourishes of the original song. The swinging disco ball in the video above drives that point home.

"I've been a big fan of Ghost since their beginning," said Carpenter Brut, "and when I had the opportunity to open for the band in 2016, I was super excited. Last April, I received an email from Tobias [Forge] himself asking if I would remix 'Dance Macabre,' and, of course, I accepted. I wanted to bring a funky and disco touch, not just confine myself to the pure synthwave style that would have been expected, but to make this remix a disco rock song and bring out the pop side of the band that is always underlying in their music."

Ghost will kick off their North American tour in support of Prequelle on Oct 26 and you can head here to see if the trek is stopping near you.

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