Ghost aren't just a band that wears masks for the fun of it. The Swedish act's Satanic Cult concept is extremely well thought out and executed. Ghost use the classical elements of Christianity and its musical recruitment mechanisms to gain their own followers, which they've done in extraordinary fashion. We wanted to delve deeper into Ghost's conceptual core, so we asked one of the band's Nameless Ghouls to give us some added perspective.

We've written about the intricacies of Ghost's conceptual approach and its massive success in 'Why Ghost Deserve the Praise,' but there's only so much we can perceive as followers. To get into the very spark that birthed Ghost, we asked the Ghoul how the group became inspired to do what they do. After conjuring up the concept in such detail, the Ghoul speaks about how the members needed to take a step back and put the proper amount of thought and energy into bringing Ghost to life.

One of Ghost's greatest creative successes is the ability to impart a religious feeling of euphoria onto their fans. A grand warmth can be experienced in a live setting and easily seen on the faces of those in attendance. "Some people cry," the Ghoul says. "Some people behave as you do when you sort of lose track of time and space, but that's part of the joy."

The Ghost live experience will make you feel like a divine presence has arrived, much like a church mass. When we asked if he feels like there may be an intangible force present, the Ghoul tried to explain his personal understanding, "I feel it every once in a while … I'm not an atheist. My intellect tells me one thing, but I want there to be something so I choose to not completely follow my intellect when it comes to the idea of a bigger being or beings that I can not explain. That's the problem, everybody wants to explain it and if they have an explanation about what's happening after you die, they're lying. They're lying to f--- you."

Watch our full interview with the 'Special Ghoul' in the clip above!

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