Ghost's Tobias Forge previously won a case brought against him by four former "Nameless Ghoul" members seeking profits from the band's past works, but that hasn't stopped the appeals from continuing.

The case was initially filed in April 2017, with the court ruling in favor of Forge in October 2018. However, the plaintiffs requested a new trail, citing the alleged impartial nature of the judge in the case as both he and Forge were members of the Swedish Order of Freemasons. That appeal was eventually denied in February of this year, but Ultimate Guitar reports that yet another appeal has been filed.

Ultimate Guitar, citing Swedish newspaper Ostgota Correspondenten, revealed that the case has now been referred to the Gota court of appeals in Jonkoping and will be heard in March 2020. The basis for the new appeal was not revealed.

Forge also still has a stake in the outcome before all is finalized. In the initial ruling, the court ordered the plaintiffs to pay him 1.3 million SEK towards his legal fees. According to the report, Forge has a counter appeal, explaining that he was not awarded the full amount of his legal fees which currently are in the range of 2 million SEK, therefore he is seeking the full amount.

Ghost, in its current incarnation, continue to tour in support of their 2018 album Prequelle. Look into tickets for the run here.

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