There's an unreleased Tobias Forge solo album that the singer apparently completed sometime in 2008, and someone just paid a lot of money for it. Like, several thousand dollars.

Forge formed Ghost in 2006, and has been the (masked) face of the group ever since. Thus he's put all of his efforts into the band's discography all this time — or so we thought. Apparently, sometime in the late 2000s, he recorded a solo album titled Passiflora, but it was never released.

It's unclear whether Forge wrote the material for one of the bands he was in prior to Ghost, such as Subvision, or if he knew he wanted it to be a solo project all along. Regardless, it was in 2006 when the rocker wrote the song "Stand by Him" that he decided to start a new group, according to Revolver, and that track appeared on Ghost's debut album Opus Eponymous.

As a result, there isn't much information online about Passiflora, but one lucky, and seemingly very loyal fan managed to get their hands on a copy recently. A CD version (well, a burned CDr) of the album was sold on Discogs in January of this year for a whopping $5,434, making it one of the most expensive items sold on the platform that month.

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Though the individuals with tangible copies are the only fans who've been able to listen to Passiflora in its entirety, a few of the songs have been leaked. One is called "House of Affection" and the other is "In Enigma Schiffer," and since they're available on YouTube, you can listen to them both below.

Tobias Forge, 'House of Affection'

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