Ghost may have Papa Emeritus III, but he's got nothing on the Pope. And that means that one of the band's upcoming dates will not go off as planned because the pontiff's visit to Philadelphia has lead to several security issues.

The Pope is scheduled to stay in Philadelphia Sept. 26 and 27 and some of the city's bridges and major highways have been closed down and a good portion of downtown has been restricted to travel on foot. Initially, seeing the idea for promotion, promoter Sean Agnew booked Ghost for a show just a few blocks away from where the Pope was set to appear.

"The band wanted to get really creative, and have their own Ghost motorcade where the singer would go around the city," said Agnew, who runs R5 Productions. "We had these great ideas to create an alternative to the Pope. But more and more stories started to come out about the lockdown. We had to scale back."

Sadly, the Union Transfer, where the band was set to play, fell inside the "traffic box" where police officials were set to restrict travel, and though the show sold out, the inability to park anywhere near the venue or load in the band's large stage props led to the cancellation. Citing logistical complications, Ghost have postponed the show to the following Tuesday (Sept. 29), which was a scheduled off-day between their Boston and Toronto shows.

While the Pope may have won that round, Ghost are still set to release their Meliora album on Aug. 21 with no interference from the holy one. See all of the band's upcoming dates, which include a handful of acoustic dates, here.

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