Ghost returned to Milwaukee on Halloween to complete a show they were forced to end early following a fan’s death. During the gig, Tobias Forge paid tribute to the fallen Ghost fan, also acknowledging his family, who happened to be in the crowd.

Jeffrey Fortune collapsed in the pit on May 31, dying later that night after CPR was performed on him for at least 15-20 minutes. Ghost had reached the intermission section of their show that night, and were unable to begin Act II, as the crowd was dismissed following the tragedy.

On Halloween night, Ghost picked up where they left off, launching into “Spirit” to kick off Act II. After performing “Satan Prayer,” Forge addressed the crowd. “I’m very glad to see you here tonight, again. Unfortunately, tragedy brought us here tonight, as you all know. We’re back here tonight for you and for Jeff Fortune’s family who is here tonight as well. I have a feeling that Jeffrey might be here with us tonight… a night of rejoice and celebration.”

Forge finished his speech by blowing a kiss to Fortune’s family, just before introducing “Faith.”

The poster for Ghost’s makeup gig paid tribute to Fortune, depicting the fan standing next to Forge in Michael Meyers costumes. The posters were sold exclusively at the show, with all proceeds going to Fortune’s family.

Ghost Jeff Fortune Poster

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