We’ve got a killer parody to liven up your Halloween season. Our buddy Watt White (aka WWIII) recorded a cover of the iconic Ghostbusters theme, but in the style of Ghost, putting the Swedish cult band’s signature style into the iconic ‘80s cut.

We’ve gotta tip our demonic Pope hats to Watt White — he does a frighteningly good Papa Emeritus / Cardinal Copia. The entire arrangement sounds like it could have been put together by Tobias Forge and the ghouls. Plus, WWIII’s production is almost as lush as Prequelle.

Along with paying tribute to the original Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters theme, WWIII adds a tribute to the Ghostbusters II song, which a fictitious Forge calls “underrated if you ask me” in this parody.

Check out the Ghost version of “Ghostbusters” in the clip above and be sure to give Watt White some love on his own YouTube channel.

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