Glenn Danzig may be retiring from the road, but there's a new full-length album coming from the horror punk icon. In a new interview, Danzig says his next album is already "80 percent done."

While speaking to Bad Feeling Magazine, Danzig mentioned the long-discussed Elvis covers record along with his 11th solo album. "[The Elvis covers EP] turned into a full album," Danzig reveals. "I was also working on the new Danzig record, so every time I had downtime, I would just go, 'Let’s do another Elvis track.' It’s done. The new Danzig proper record of all-original stuff is 80 percent done."

As for it's sound, Danzig went into detail, "I think Danzig fans will dig it a lot. It’s heavy, sometimes it’s bluesy and swampy, dark. And then other times I’m doing a couple of different things here and there that they might not have heard me do before, all within the whole Danzig context. So, I think they’ll like it."

Danzig's next release will be his highly-anticipated covers album, Skeletons, which Glenn has been talking about making since 1979. Skeletons will see a Nov. 27 release date.

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