Uh oh. While we love Glenn Danzig and most of his recorded output, he does have a reputation for being a bit cranky and disagreeable at times. His rep often precedes the former Misfits legend– just ask the North Side Kings, who famously filmed an altercation between themselves and the singer, where Danzig got his clock cleaned by one of the members! Well, turns out Danzig didn't do anything to curry favor with fans and concert organizers in Austin this weekend, either.

Rolling Stone reports that Danzig Legacy, a collective that includes members from the Misfits and his post-Misfits band Samhain playing songs by both acts, was set to headline the Black Stage at Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest on Friday night (Nov. 4). Sounds like fun (fun fun), right? Wrong. The organizers had quite the hellish experience.

The promoters took to the event's Facebook page to reveal all the gory details about Danzig's behavior at the fest. Upon his arrival in Texas that day, the 'Zig felt the climate was too cold, revealed that he had a cough and that he wasn't going to perform that night. He remained on site, requesting vitamins, French onion soup brought to his hotel and that it be piping hot.

The temperature in Austin throughout the day was 71 degrees, with the evening temperatures predicted to hover in the '50s. Still, at this point, organizers were left guessing about the singer's plans that night. It was unclear if he was bouncing or if that scalding hot soup would do the trick to soothe his cough and allow him to play.

Turns out, the promoters spent the day negotiating and haggling with the singer's booking agents, and after providing stage heaters (which no other act requested) and an on-site doctor, Danzig declared that he was not going to perform, since he was not happy with the weather (calling it "f---ing freezing") and the stage set up (the banners didn't look quite right). Keep in mind the latter had been approved months in advance and by his on-site crew that day. With all this complaining, The 'Zig missed his initial 8:15 set time.

He did take the stage at 9 PM, but performed a truncated set, as the city-imposed curfew was 10 PM. He only performed two Misfits songs, which most fans were clamoring to see. They voiced their disappointment, and Danzig encouraged them to riot. Thankfully, none of the agitated fans took heed of that suggestion.

The booker of the fest also said that Danzig took issue with playing on a smaller stage than Slayer, who are set to play Sunday (Nov. 6). He declared he's bigger than Slayer, as well.

Here is an excerpt from the booker's lengthy and revelatory post:

"They went on almost and hour late due to the HANDS DOWN biggest rock star moment we've ever dealt with and then he tries to start a riot and blames the fest, the city, the cops and everyone, but himself. Goes backstage and tries to fight a few ppl and get in the van and leaves. The end....We're bummed too. We wanted to hear 'Skulls.'"

Yikes. The banter from fans on this lengthy post is entertaining, if you have extra time and want to take a read. In the post, we find out that Danzig wanted windscreens; that his bodyguard hassled Murder City Devils, who also performed; and that he only treats illnesses naturally and didn't want a B12 shot. He also referred to his illness as a "deathbug," although the promoter said he looked just fine. Drama.

Maybe next time Danzzig should have requested chicken soup. That's more of a cure-all than French onion, no?