Portlandia: Weirdos Go To The BeachWhen you're at the beach you can never have too much Hurley. All new Portlandia Thursday 10P on IFC

Posted by Portlandia on Monday, February 8, 2016

You're a goth, but it's a sunny day and you find yourself at the beach. What do you do? You turn to find Glenn Danzig there with some helpful tips, of course. That's the premise of a sketch on this week's Portlandia airing on IFC.

The Danzig and Misfits icon's guest appearance has been in the works for some time, and as we see in the preview clip above, he's willing to help out with some unexpected fashion tips to help a gothed out Fred Armisen fit in. It just so happens the dark and gloomy Danzig has a full trunk of Billabong and Hurley, as he states, "Sometimes to have a good time, you have to dress a little lame."

Last fall, Danzig spoke about his involvement on the upcoming episode. "It was a lot of fun," said the singer. "It was very last minute so I had to learn all my dialogue really quick." Apparently Armisen and Danzig were introduced through Rob Zombie, and after meeting at Zombie's birthday party, the comedian reached out to ask if he'd be interested in appearing on the hit IFC show.

"He was a major Danzig fan and I’m a fan of his work also," said Danzig. "I put Fred up there with Bill Murray and some of my other favorite comedians, Jerry Lewis, stuff like that.”

Danzig added that it was fun, yet respectful, taking a shot at his image. "That’s the tough thing: When you’re doing something like this, it’s a fine line between it being not cool and very cool, and I think they got it," said the vocalist. "Fred and Carrie [Brownstein] really got it, so it wasn’t a tough decision at all. I read it and I was like, 'Yes! This is hilarious. I would love to do this.'"

The episode of Portlandia featuring Glenn Danzig airs on IFC at 10PM ET this Thursday (Feb. 11).

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