Glenn Danzig has teased that he's been working on a covers album for the better part of the year and now we have some firm details on the set. The Skeletons disc is now on the schedule for a Nov. 27 street date via Evillive Music and AFM.

In addition, the full track listing has been release for the album and you'll find a mix of well known artists like Elvis Presley, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith and ZZ Top as well as lesser known acts like Davie Allan and the Arrows and the Litter getting the covers treatment by Danzig. In addition, Danzig takes on "Satan," the theme from Satan's Sadists.

Earlier this year, Danzig told Full Metal Jackie, "First off it has got to be a song I really dig and it has to be a song that I think I could bring a new element to. Give it a new dimension. Otherwise I just leave it alone. As I judge it against the original. So that is my only criteria. Usually it starts with me digging the song."

The rocker, who covers Elvis' "Let Yourself Go," also revealed that "the King" is a major influence for him. He added, You know I don’t have a high voice. I have a deeper voice. So the singers I like a lot of the times are singers with a voice similar to mine and Elvis fits in there. Also the reason why I am doing what I am doing is because of Elvis, pretty much. You know once I saw Elvis up on TV and so on, I said, I want to do that [laughs]. That is what I want to do. I mean I remember I used to cut school all the time and pretend I was sick. I used to love staying home and watching old movies. I remember watching Jailhouse Rock and going, ‘What is this?’ And there’s Elvis and it is kind of this whole career rise from nowhere to big superstar and I’m thinking like this is cool, I want to do this. And, you know, that is how it all started for me."

Keep an eye out for Glenn Danzig's Skeletons, arriving in stores Nov. 27. You can find him on tour at these locations through the month of October.

Glenn Danzig, Skeletons Track Listing

1. "Devil's Angels" (Davie Allan & The Arrows cover)
2. "Satan" (theme from "Satan's Sadists")
3. "Let Yourself Go" (Elvis Presley cover)
4. "N.I.B." (Black Sabbath cover)
5. "Lord of the Thighs" (Aerosmith cover)
6. "Action Woman" (THE Litter cover)
7. "Rough Boy" (ZZ Top cover)
8. "With A Girl Like You" (The Troggs cover)
9. "Find Somebody" (The Rascals cover)
10. "Crying in the Rain" (The Everly Brothers cover)

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