We’ve got an exclusive premiere from Swedish hardcore up-and-comers God Mother. From their upcoming Vilseledd album, take a listen to the band’s disgusting new track “De Ovälkomna.”

God Mother broke out with their full-length debut, Maktbehov, in 2015 and stood out enough to grab the attention of The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Ben Weinman, who quickly signed the group to his Party Smasher Inc. label. “To be completely honest, after 20 years of touring the world and playing thousands of shows with thousands of bands, it is hard to impress me. But Sweden has done it again,” Weinman says. “God Mother is an undeniable force majeure that demands attention like bands did in the old days, by just being that f—king good. Torch, officially passed!”

With that huge endorsement, Weinman and his label will release Vilseledd on Sept. 29. The entire album is a pummeling rapture of audio violence, with the previously released cut “By the Millions” representing the core of God Mother’s sound. “De Ovälkomna,” however, acts as one of the album’s longest and most atmospheric pieces.

"The idea of the lyrics came from one of our tours in northern Sweden during the winter.” vocalist Sebastian August Campbell says. “Where the days are short and the night is always looming. Some days, even farther up north, the sun doesn't show face at all. Winter depression is a real factor in Scandinavia. This song is a praise for the crawling chaos behind the veil of civilized human society that lives after the sun's hours. A pagan ritual to summon spoiled spirits to destroy the self, blind the eye, cut off the hand and stop the heart. It's a nod towards our friends in the band This Gift Is A Curse, who have always inspired us with their dark alchemy of songwriting, with tormented cries toward something beyond human comprehension."

Take a listen to God Mother’s “De Ovälkomna” in the Soundcloud player below and get ready for Vilseledd on Sept. 29.

God Mother, “De Ovälkomna”

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