Some slightly disappointing yet positive news for Gojira fans: The French metal act won't have a new album out this year, but they are planning to release a new disc in 2016. During a new interview with, frontman Joe Duplantier and drummer Mario Duplantier gave an in-depth overview of Gojira's album timeline.

Gojira's last three albums have taken the metal world by the throat, propelling the group to the high echelons of the underground. Gojira broke through in 2005 with the brilliant From Mars to Sirius and kept quality extremely high with The Way of All Flesh in 2008 and L'Enfant Sauvage in 2012.

"We built the studio around this next Gojira record," Joe explains. "You know, each time we make a record, we have to think: 'What's gonna be the configuration?' 'Who are we going to work with?' 'Who's gonna be the engineer?' 'Who's gonna be the producer?' 'Who's gonna mix it?' And this time the big question was: 'Where are we going to settle down and write and record?' Since I moved to New York a couple of years ago, now we have two headquarters. With the studio, now we have a headquarters in America. We have our French headquarter where we always rehearsed and composed our stuff. So now we have another one. That's, I think, what we needed at this point."

Mario adds, "The drums are done. Part of the guitars… almost all the guitars are done also. So we need the bass and the vocals at this point. Because… We were supposed to record around February, something like this. But we made a statement of the songs in February, and we thought the songs were not enough good, you know?! So we decided to… 'Let's put this song in the trash. Let's just…' We were super picky, like [we] never [were] in the past. We worked on each song super long. Usually we have ten songs, and we record ten songs and that's it. This time we were so picky that we decided around February to just… 'Let's push the limit. Let's do another song — maybe a better song.' And Joe brought some crazy ideas, and I brought some cool ideas too, and together we built four new songs we thought were better than the [ones were had already written]. So we pushed the recording process and finally we started in April. So it's why we couldn't finish everything — because we had this tour also."

Head over to to check out the full interview with Joe and Mario Duplantier and get excited for new Gojira material coming soon!

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