Gone Is Gone's music often ebbs and flows like the tide, so it's fitting that their latest video is water-centric. The band just released the new clip for "Phantom Limb," a a video directed by Bryan Bankovich and produced by Meredith Kooi.

The clip is mostly centered in and around the ocean and the shore where nearby children play, but it appears that there are human creatures adrift in the ocean going along with the flow until the seas turn red.

"'Phantom Limb' is a tale of seek and find," says vocalist Troy Sanders. "The song explores a cause of sensation and is inspired by one's ability to overcome what was once there."

He continues, "We shot this in one beautiful day amongst the ruins of Fort Dade on the isolated island of Egmont Key in the Gulf of Mexico. It was filmed with our good friends at Newmerica, which was once again a most pleasurable experience."

"Phantom Limb" is a new track for the supergroup, which features Sanders (Mastodon), Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age), Tony Hajjar (At the Drive In) and Mike Zarin (Sencit Music). The song is now available via the platform of your choosing at this location. The song will also head up an exclusive two-song 7" for Record Store Day this year. On April 21, fans will be able to pick up the track on vinyl, backed by an acoustic version of "Starlight" from their self-titled 2016 EP.

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