Gather 'round, kiddies, Granny 4 Barrel are back with a brand new song, "Art of Deception," and an eerie new music video, which was shot in the Greystone Court castle along New York's picturesque Hudson River.

Bathed in a rich blue hue and shot in super-slow motion by My Good Eye Visuals' David Brodsky and Allison Woest, the "Art of Deception" projects a hallucinatory atmosphere, aided by the mid-tempo, effects-drenched riff repetitions and Granny's enchanting, elongated vocal delivery.

“The character of Granny is inspired by horror movies, villains and anti-heroes. If you take a closer look inside, there are psychological components to this alter ego that give it depth. It’s the perfect vehicle for me to express my disdain for stereotypes and intolerance. But it also gives me equal satisfaction on the theatrical and musical side," said Granny 4 Barrel visionary and singer Terry LeRoi.

"Granny’s extended family (the fans) relate to not only the sheer visual insanity of G4B but in grand heavy metal fashion there’s an element of danger that says I really like this but I’m kind of afraid of it as well! They embrace the idea of a surrogate witch-like metal Granny who kicks ass, loves them equally but doesn’t hesitate to dish out scathing proclamations against evil and injustice," he added.

"Granny 4 Barrel succinctly delivers the message: Never judge a book by its cover!"

For "Art of Deception" as well as other forthcoming songs, LeRoi worked with esteemed producer David Bendeth, on which he reflected, "Writing this track with David Bendeth was a great experience. We delved into darker waters and were able to explore and stretch out musically and vocally. I believe we hit upon a theme a lot of folks can relate to 'The Art Of Deception' begs the question, ‘Who do you really trust?’ Your leaders…your friends? Beware infiltrators among us — they are wolves in sheep‘s clothing!’ It’s an honor to share this menacing track with all of the rock ‘n’ roll children!"

Watch the "Art of Deception" video at the bottom of the page and read through the lyrics below as well.

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Granny 4 Barrel, "Art of Deception" Lyrics

Beware wolves in sheep’s clothing
Shallow truth for the weak and lonely

Build a fortress, count the sheep
Money, power is all deceit
Deal makers breakin’ your trust
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Turn around and see just who you trust
Hear the sound they’re stalking their prey
Beware the ravenous wolves among us
Infiltrators lying in wait
Beware the ravenous wolves among us
Breeding in numbers, surrounding the brave

Stir the flock with confusion
Camouflaged these shades of illusion

Granny 4 Barrel, "Art of Deception" Music Video

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