Grim Reaper vocalist Steve Grimmett is teaching himself to walk again with one of the most metal prosthetic legs we’ve ever seen. Adorned with two hands throwing up the devil horns, Grimmett’s prosthetic leg proudly features the word “Warrior.”

Earlier this year, Steve Grimmett was rushed to the hospital after performing with Grim Reaper in Ecuador. Grimmett ended up having a serious infection in his foot and bones. The infection was so aggressive that it actually spread from his toes up to his knee overnight. An initial operation was unsuccessful, forcing medical professionals to amputate a large portion of Grimmett’s right leg.

Grimmett was released from the Ecuadorian hospital roughly a month later, offering a heartfelt thank you to fans offering support to the musician. Grim Reaper fans even helped raise over $16,000 for Grimmett’s medical bills, with the YouCaring page still open for donations.

On April 20, Grimmett posted a shot of him at physical rehabilitation, showing off a prosthetic worthy of the metal veteran:

The previous day, Grimmett shared video of himself walking for the first time in three months:

Grimmett looks damn strong in rehab, walking without any aid from a therapist. Hopefully, Steve will be able to walk without help from those parallel bars soon. Keep it up, Steve! We’re all wishing you the best!

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