Before diving into this list, you may want to get a bag or wastebasket (non-mesh) handy. Ah, who are we kidding? Rock and metal fans are probably desensitized to all of this depraved imagery, lyrical absurdity and overall disgustingness, right? If not, well... you've been warned!

In the pre-Internet days, fans were genuinely perturbed by some of the themes presented in rock and metal. The sort of anonymity in extreme metal in particular painted these musicians as darkling weirdos and perverted Hellhounds, wholly misunderstood by an unsuspecting public. Fans would often wonder who these human beings were that appeared to be so obsessed with gore, death, bodily fluids (and the list goes on), but in the age of transparency, we now know must of them are just in it for the shock value and tongue-in-cheek humor, no matter how uncouth that humor may be.

With that said, it's difficult to intimidate people with music now that the jig is up. Demented, sick band names, song titles and artwork is now commonplace and we don't particularly feel a sense of alarm or danger with these acts anymore. However, there are still a number of bands that manage to make us cringe, whether they're from the past or the modern era. Even if it's just for a moment and the initial feeling subsides, the reaction is authentic, which is just what these bands aim for!

So cover that mouth, loosen up your neck for some head-turning and scroll through the gallery below to see the 20 Grossest Band Names!

10 Greatest Goregrind Bands

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