Can you guess the rock band from just one lyric?

Sure, you've heard certain songs hundreds upon thousands of times, but how closely were you paying attention? Well, here's a fun game that you can play with your family and friends to test your musical knowledge.

We've all subconsciously hummed or even sang along to songs, but how much does it all stick? We're about to find out. For this challenge, you don't get a lot. Just a single lyric will hopefully jog your memory, and the answers will either roll off the tip of your tongue or will maddeningly having you pulling out your hair trying to figure out why it seems so familiar but you just can't pull it up.

Stacker is allowing rock fans to put on their thinking caps for this musical challenge: Can you identify some of the best-known acts with only a single lyric?

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First off, there's a few thing you should know that will help you in your musical quest. To make it as fair as possible, there won't be deep cuts. These lyrics are from well-known tracks that eventually became synonymous with familiar bands. And, yes, the following quiz focuses only on bands. There won't be any solo acts. The tracks have also been randomized to mix and match eras from the '60s through the present.

Good luck, and let us know how well you did in the comments.

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