Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan has released a new southern rock ballad "Tenderness" off his upcoming solo album, produced by singer/songwriter Shooter Jennings. Listen to the song below.

"Tenderness" is a plea for peace and justice that features a slow piano melody, acoustic and slide guitars and organs. "A little tenderness is what we need / Oh tenderness can't you feel it." After traveling the world over the past few years on the Guns N' Roses Not in This Lifetime Tour, McKagan felt inspired to make music based on the hurt and fear that he saw.

“The real point of ‘Tenderness’ is not for me to be some damn politician or some other voice to add to what is already way too much noise,” McKagan says. “This is a song of unity and peace…and I want this record to be a meditation and to bring maybe some healing, if that is not too high-handed or lofty of a goal...As a father, I must say and do something now…because I love my girls and my wife, and I love my country, and I feel I must be strong and use my voice now, do it while I am able, or perhaps never get a chance ever again.”

McKagan says of working with the recent Grammy-winner, "Shooter has a brilliant mind, and a seemingly endless musical catalogue bouncing around in his head that he’s ready to tap into at any moment. He believed in this thing from day one, and that gave me the confidence and energy to forge on."

McKagan currently has two shows booked in which he will be backed by Jennings and his band. The first will be May 30 in Philadelphia and the next will be the following day in Washington, DC. Tickets are on sale now.

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