One of the good things about playing Australia is you get a jump on the day ahead of the rest of the world, and Guns N' Roses took advantage with a little early St. Patrick's Day celebration.

The group performed in Melbourne Saturday evening (March 16) and decided to bring one of St. Patty's Day's great traditions -- beer -- onto the stage to celebrate the occasion. GNR fan site Paradise City got a few photos of the Guns-themed beer dispenser the band set up on the drum riser.

A photo captioned, "One for you and 2 for me. Drum riser with Ice cold beer on tap!" appeared on the website. Another photo showed Axl Rose pouring a cold one in the midst of the band's performance of 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door.'

The Melbourne set also featured a notable guest appearance as Angry Anderson from Rose Tattoo joined the band for 'Nice Boys,' which GNR covered on their 1986 EP, 'Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide.'