Prior to President Trump's speech at the Whirlpool factory in Clyde, Ohio yesterday (Aug. 6), Guns N' Roses' cover of Wings' "Live and Let Die" could be heard on the factory floor, as a small group of socially-distanced and masked attendees awaited Trump's arrival at the podium.

The speech was broadcast live on Twitter and some users managed to capture the Guns N' Roses-related segment that preceded the event. In the video clip toward the bottom of the page, the attendees are seated far apart from one another, some fanning themselves with a piece of paper to offer some relief from the presumably warm environment.

All this as the grim song plays out and, as former New York Times writer Robert Mackey noted, the timing of this incident comes as over 150,000 Americans are dead from COVID-19. Additionally, Ohio state Governor Mike DeWine was scheduled to attend, but tested positive for the coronavirus that day. Today (Aug. 7), it has been reported that a second test yielded a negative result.

This is the second time the GN'R cover song has been played at a Trump event. In an equally ominous move, the Honeywell factory which the President toured in early May, played the song so loudly that those on the floor had to speak louder than normal.

Trump was on site as the factory converted to produce face masks to meet the dire demand for the crucial tool in helping to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The President and his team were also infamously seen touring the factory without a face covering at a time where 71,000 American lives had been claimed by COVID-19.

Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose has repeatedly been critical of the Trump administration. In June, the opinionated Rose said of the President: "a truly bad, repulsive excuse 4 [sic] a person w/a sick agenda."

Guns N' Roses' "Live + Let Die" Cover Plays Before President Trump's Ohio Speech

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