Hey ladies, has it ever been your dream to act as eye-candy for Axl Rose? Then hop on a plane to Scotland! The Guns N' Roses frontman and his crew have reportedly contacted a Scottish modeling agency to request that 20 of their hottest young ladies stand in the front row for the band's Glasgow gig on May 25.

According to DailyRecord.co.uk, an unnamed source spilled the haggis about the band's arrangement with the Sonia Scott Agency. “The band’s promoter contacted Sonia and asked if she could provide the band with models for the gig," says the source. "He asked Sonia for 20 of her prettiest models to stand in the front row and wow the band while they’re performing. The girls have then been invited to join Axl and the boys backstage for drinks and they’ve even asked Sonia if she can arrange a party for the band.”

Calling up an agency to arrange a "party" for the band? Sounds like a pretty incredible trip to Scotland -- a country filled with beautiful green pastures, enchanting stone castles, and no laws against the act of exchanging money for sex.

The source continues, “Axl and the rest of the band love girls from Scotland and they want to party in Glasgow. No other band has ever requested models from the agency to party with a rock band before, so this a first … But then again, it is Axl Rose.”

Layla Ferguson, 19, Kyleen McKerlich, 23, and Annie Voigt, 22, are just three of the 20 models who will attend the GN'R show, with Ferguson in particular unable to contain her fanatical enthusiasm. “I’m really excited about meeting the band," says Ferguson.“I don’t know much about them really – my mum and dad are more into them – but I’ll listen to their songs before Friday.”