Anthony Vincent, known for his "Ten Second Songs" videos on YouTube, has become an icon in the music world for his wide-ranging song covers. His latest feat is a take on the Guns N' Roses' anthem "Welcome to the Jungle," which he performs in the style of Rammstein, Korn and more.

While Vincent does a great Axl Rose impersonation, including the notable demonic scream at the start of the song, he imitates musicians of every style exceptionally well. There's a Rammstein section in the chorus, in which he sings the lyrics in German. He does a great Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell harmony, and even some Jonathan Davis.

However, in addition to rock and metal musicians, the YouTuber also throws in some pop, blues, hip-hop and soul as well, emulating artists like Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, James Brown and Destiny's Child. In addition to the distinguishable vocalists, there are a few instrumental covers of other genres, like bluegrass and Bollywood.

Overall, Vincent's done a ton of these videos, but this is certainly our new favorite. Watch below — it's gonna bring you down.

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