It's been a while since we've had new Metallica music, so if you need a refresher course, a guy named Paschalis Theotokis provides it for you. Paschalis has pulled off the feat of playing 99 Metallica tracks within a 10 minute span and keeping it entertaining throughout.

In the clip above, you see Paschalis first decide which guitar he wants to use for this challenge and throughout the video he manages to not only rock through the tracks, but also mimic James Hetfield's mannerisms and looks over the years. Watch closely as his facial hair changes leading into the And Justice for All era or even the more obvious tossing of the wig and jacket for a more streamlined close-cropped look as he begins performing tracks from the Load era. He even dons Hetfield's glasses from the "I Disappear" video.

If it's all too fast for you to keep up, the lighting in the room typically changes as Paschalis moves from one album to the next. You can also watch other hilarious mannerisms like fake checking his watch during "Anesthesia," tuning his guitar on "The Call of Ktulu," finger snapping his way through "Wasting My Hate" and even pulling off a guitar spin as he completes the performance with Metallica's most recent tune, "Lords of Summer."

Theotokis states in a message accompanying the video, "Metallica will always be one of my all-time favorite bands and James Hetfield inspires me as a singer/rhythm guitarist. So, I thought it would be cool to mess around with his role through their 30+ years career; tried to get as close to his stage appearance as possible tho. Had lot of fun while shooting/editing this MEGALYRIC video. Hope you guys dig it."

If you'd like to see more, there's also a link for a vocal and rhythm guitar cover of Metallica's "Battery" posted at the end of the clip. Rock on Paschalis! We look forward to you adding to the clip once Metallica finally releases their next album.

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