Is rock and roll a young man's game? It looks like Hollywood Vampires are about to find out in a new Funny or Die video when they meet their new A&R man. Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and legendary rock manager Shep Gordon are invited to meet with Tommy, their new A&R guy, and to say the least, they're a little shocked.

With the face of an angel and age of a choir boy, Cooper and Perry are taken aback by his youthful nature -- that is until he rips them a new one speaking with the salty vocabulary of a sailor, picking apart their self-titled disc.

"It's a little soft," states Tommy, who ridicules Cooper for not screaming until he bled on the microphone like Harry Nilsson once did. "You know what I hear on your microphone Alice? Little babies making toilet in their diaper," says Tommy, who also emasculates Gordon by calling him a "world class chef" and having him go get a snack. Tommy also bites back at Perry questioning him, stating, "Hey Beantown Joe, this is Hollywood bitch!"

But let us not forget that these old dogs know a few tricks and it's not long before Cooper gives the callow staffer his comeuppance. Watch the humorous video from Funny or Die in the player above.

Hollywood Vampires are promoting their star-studded new self-titled album. Paul McCartney, Robby Krieger, Dave Grohl, Slash, Brian Johnson, Perry Farrell and more make guest appearances on the disc. You can pick it up now via Amazon and iTunes.

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