The Nashville date of Warped Tour's final cross-country run saw numerous attendees either treated on-site for heat-related illnesses, or transported to local hospitals for further treatment. According to a report from The Tennessean, "at least 20 people" were taken to nearby hospitals and 200 individuals were treated at the tour's first aid location.

Nashville Fire Department spokesman Joseph Pleasant said at the time of the report, "We anticipate more as the first aid tent continues to stay full."

Relief from the heat came around 2:30 eastern time when rain showers rolled through the area. The National Weather Service offered the following after The Tennessean's report: "Although it's technically not as hot and humid as it was last week (currently a heat index of 97° versus 109° on July 4th), it's still plenty hot out there. If you're outdoors for long periods of time, remember to stay hydrated and take frequent breaks in the shade or A/C!"

Although official box office numbers are yet to be available, it was expected that roughly 15,000 people would attend yesterday's date of the tour. Jerry Jones, Vanderbilt LifeFlight public information officer, said that a majority of the people treated due to the heat were young adults who weren't prepared for the extent of yesterday's heat.

Well over a month of the tour's last trek remains. You can check out the lineup and a full list of dates here.

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